EISAM – European Institute for Sports and Arts Medicine

Arts Medicine Europe – Kompetenz in Musikermedizin

EISAM – European Institute for Sports and Arts Medicine

The specialists from the European Institute for Sports and Arts Medicine individually dedicate their work to the prevention, interdisciplinary functional diagnostics and cross-sectional therapy of professional musicians, music students and amateur musicians as well as taking care of professional and amateur dancers.

The team consists of two specialist physicians for orthopaedic medicine with extensive experience in the medical care of musicians and dancers.

The team is supported by specialised physiotherapist, occupational therapists (hand therapist), medical training therapists as well as breathing, voice and speech therapists.

Most of the staff has had music or dance training.

Some of the staff have been working for many years in research and education at various music schools and universities. Both the diagnostics and therapy are based on university-orientated medical knowledge.

The “mainstream medicine” therapy range is complemented by experience-based alternative methods where appropriate.

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